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“I bought my first house with my brother while in College. Since then I’ve been involved with more than 1000 real estate transactions. Now my Dad and I work together. We combine for well over 20 years experience. I’m very lucky to have this working relationship with my Dad.” 

Shaun Martin – Indiana Real Estate Investor

About Us

Denver Colorado Home buyers Barry and Shaun

Barry Martin And Shaun Martin

Barry (Dad) was a truck driver, is a computer programmer, husband and wonderful father to 3 boys. 

He graduated from the University of Auckland decades ago (he’s the old fella) with a Science degree and has proven himself as a fair and honest man, time and time again. 

Shaun (Son) graduated from Auckland University with a Health Science Degree majoring in Physical Therapy. 

He has worked in schools helping physically and mentally disabled children, private practice, and now volunteers as a coach for Indiana Special Olympics. Shaun is married and is “Dad” to 4 rescued “fur babies”

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What Sets Us Apart

Barry Martin

Barry Martin

Honest | Caring | Fair | Self Less

All of Barry’s decisions are influenced by his beliefs. “My Dad is a great man. He’s honest, caring and fair,” says Shaun.

I can sum up how my Dad lives his life with the following quote:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Barry believes actions speak louder than words. Just know that when you deal with Barry, what you see is what you get. No fuss, just the facts, with a lot of kindness sprinkled in. 

Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin

Entrepreneurial | Hardworking | Not Afraid to Make Mistakes

“I make mistakes all the time! Just ask my wife!” said Shaun. “Comes with being an entrepreneur, I guess.”

However, he is laser-focused on getting homeowners out of a financial jam. When working with customers, there is no room for errors. 

My top priority is finding a solution that works for each person needing to sell. 

When I grow up, I want to be just like my Dad. Every day I try to be more sympathetic, understanding, and kind. The world is hard to live in and is not always fair. My goal is to make it just a little bit better. That’s my mantra when we talk about your home. 

How It All Started

The seeds of WeBuyHousesInDenver.org were planted when Shaun bought his first investment property with his brother – last century! “Interest rates were close to 10%, and house prices were inflated, but I still saw real estate as a real opportunity. I wanted to learn more,” says Shaun. 

“My journey took me from homeowner to Physical Therapist to Medical Sales to the owner of a Medicare Accredited medical equipment company that I started. During this time I learned everything about real estate that I could. After saving as much money as possible my wife and I (Jenn) bought our first rental in Indianapolis, IN. We were so proud of our first Indianapolis rental and still own it to this day! It was a mighty achievement for us.”

What Happened Next

The Great recession hit real estate hard and took a toll on all of us. But I took on a sound piece of advice from my Dad. 

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Will Get!

Jenn and I continued to work our butts off. As small business owners, we didn’t have a day off for over 5 years – let alone a vacation! But the hard work slowly paid off. We continued to scrimp and save. We bought a rental house whenever we could afford it. The economy recovered as did house prices. 

Enter Dad

From a fabulous Dad and mentor to a real estate investor and business partner. Barry and Shaun have since worked together. 

Initially, we focused on and specialized in Indianapolis, Indiana. But over the years, our team and experience have grown. Today we work with homeowners all over Indiana. 

Investing In The Future

We Buy Houses In Indianapolis at WeBuyHousesInDenver.org will continue to invest in Indianapolis, The Front Range, and Indiana communities.  We stay incredibly busy creating solutions for homeowners all over the Centennial State.

Our head office is based in Indianapolis, The Mile High City, but with our team of experts, we strive to help homeowners all across Indiana

When we are not busy flipping houses or buying rentals, we are out trying to live a more balanced life. 

Learn more about Barry here.

Learn more about Shaun here. 

Learn more about the “We Buy Houses In Indianapolis ” team here. 

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More About Shaun

My name is Shaun Martin and I'm a Indiana Cash Buyer.

My name is Shaun Martin, and I’m a home buyer in Indianapolis, IN. But I think of myself as a lot more than “the guy that buys houses for cash.”

Firstly, I was born in New Zealand. I’m a kiwi – named after the bird, not the fruit :-). Below is me and Jenn at a wedding in Indiana’s High Country. 


I’m a kiwi who is married to a beautiful woman named Jenn. We met on the Indiana river while learning to kayak. It was love at first site!

We both love mountain biking, skiing, and our 4 little fur babies. PLUS we are both coaches for Indiana special olympics. We coach skiing, biking, and swimming. 

Indiana is our home. Indiana is amazing. Indiana gives us ample opportunity to experience life to the fullest. 

Below: Jenn tearing up a cyclocross course (Yip, she’s getting air!) 

Jen tearing up the cross course
Shaun in his spare time

Above: Shaun is seen smiling way too much while racing a mountain bike in Breckenridge, CO

More About Barry

“My parents are amazing. I owe them so much.”

Below: Barry and Val (Shaun’s mom and Dad).

Barry buys houses in Denver CO

My Dad's is Barry and we buy houses in Indianapolis together.

My Dad is a hoot. It’s a shame it took so long for me to work that out. He’s the best Dad to 3 boys, an awesome husband (on some days according to Mum***), and fanatical about windsurfing.

My Dad is old school. The harder you work the luckier you get. He has worked really hard as a computer programmer. He still does this when the need is there. He’ll probably never fully retire. He loves to garden. He loves to relax in the garden and drink a coffee.

Barry and Val Colorado Powder day

ABOVE: Mum and Dad enjoying some Indiana Rockies Powder. 

***Mum is how Mom is spelled in New Zealand. 

While he still programs, he also is a real estate investor. His focus as a home buyer has also been The Mile High City – Indianapolis, IN. 

When he’s not working hard, he’s playing hard on the windsurfer. Check out the video below!

Pro Home Buyer and Windsurfer Enthusiast

My Dad is amazing. He’s pushing 70 years old, and this is him living his dream. He is so grateful for these opportunities, but he deserves them.

He loves to windsurf when he is not hard at work on the computer and helping me. And he is pretty gosh darn good. I was lucky enough to experience this with him recently. 

In Our Spare Time

sell my house for cash fast

Jenn and I are coaches for Indiana Special Olympic Athletes. We both coach swimming, mountain biking, and skiing. 

Above is our swimming team – The Barracudas! – At Indiana State Games.

Below: Jenn training with 3 of the Wolf Pack Mountain Bike Team

Athletes Coach Jeff Ian Jenn 2 rotated 1

Our Athletes

Special Olympics, the athletes, and families represent the most grateful and kind group of people we have ever been associated with. It is an owner and privilege to be allowed to work with these amazing people. 

Athlete Jenn Jenny scaled 1
Athlete Ian scaled 1
Athlete Jade scaled 1

Find out how you can volunteer. Please complete one of our online forms if you would like a personal introduction from Shaun or Jenn. Instead of putting an address in the address box, please write that you want to know more about contributing to Special Olympics. 

Race Slalom Jeff

ABOVE: These athletes are legit! Go Jeff!

Even More About Us

WARNING: This is a 2 minute read. It’s more like a diary entry than thrilling entertainment. But it is how I “accidentally” became a guy that buys houses for cash in Indianapolis. 

It’s been quite a ride really. And when I graduated from Auckland University as a Physical Therapist many years ago I would never have dreamed I would end up as a real estate investor in Indianapolis!

The first property I purchased was a single-family home in Montbello. Montbello is on the east side near the Denver Airport – the new one (20 years new) not Stapleton! That’s how long I have been here! Long enough to know Stapleton as Denver airport – not as a suburb of Indianapolis!

sell your house for cash 1

Our first home purchase in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Since then I have been involved in many deals including:

sell-my-house-for-cash-1Buying and selling.

homebuyers-DenverFixing and flipping.

Professional-home-buyerRehabbing and renting. 

As a fixer-upper guy, I have had my share of successes and failures. It’s a tough business. As my real estate career developed I began to notice one area that gave me particular pleasure. I found an incredible amount of satisfaction in working with homeowners that needed to get out of a jamb for one reason or another. 

cash for houses

Shaun Martin “on the tools.”

The first example was an elderly woman who owned a home in Globeville – just minutes north of downtown. For several reasons she was in a hurry to sell. She had listed the house to sell on the MLS. After about a month she received an offer. After the inspection process the buyer decided to walk away. 

Another month went by and she went under contract again. This time it was the lender that shut the deal down. To qualify for a mortgage the house had to meet certain criteria. There were too many things to repair on the home. Truth be told the house was in really bad shape. 

It was at this time a friend of a friend introduced me to Ann. We talked about the situation and why she needed to sell. Of particular concern was the time line (she need to sell her house fast, like really fast as 3 months had been wasted on the MLS). Secondly she needed to sell her home for cash. 

She needed a cash home buyer because of the mortgage situation. She didn’t want to deal with the repairs. She wanted to sell as-is and move on with her life. I still remember her saying to me,

“Shaun I need to sell my house for cash. The bank want give any buyer a mortgage. The roofs completely shot. A re you a cash buyer?”

I remember repeating in my head: “AM I A CASH BUYER?” Then responding cool as a cucumber, “Yes Ann. I buy houses for cash. Let me take a quick look around. I’ll work out my best cash offer and see if we cant make a deal.”

That’s how I became a cash home buyer! Kind of by accident. I had to get the help of a private money lender to buy the house. But I did it! Paid 100% cash for my first house!

After we closed Ann was so grateful. AND it made me feel like I had provided a really good service. She needed to get rid of her house quickly. She couldn’t sell it the traditional way with a loan. She need someone to pay her cash. I stepped in gave her a cash offer and purchased her house. 

Why Sell To Us

Here are some legitimate reasons you should consider selling your house to us. You should sell your home to us because we are:

  1. Honest.
  2. Transparent.
  3. Fair and,
  4. Empathetic.

My Dad and I would be so excited to talk to you about the house you need to sell. Give us a call. We will give you an honest opinion of your best-selling options.

If you need to sell your house fast, a cash sale might be a great choice. 

If you are not under a financial strain, selling FSBO on the MLS might be the way to market. Either way, we can help you make the best decision for you and your family. 

Have extra cash in your back pocket? Maybe you should fix it up for a top dollar. 

No matter how you want to sell the property, you can’t lose by talking to legit home buyers willing to divulge all their real estate secrets. 

What’s there to lose? 

Let’s get that house SOLD!

Our Pledge To You

Barry Martin is a cash home buyer
Barry Martin and Shaun Martin are Cash Home buyers Colorado
Shaun Martin is a cash home buyer

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: We will always treat you with respect, empathy, and be 100% transparent and honest. We aim to be a legitimate source of real estate information for you. 

The information I provide will allow you to make the best decision to sell your house. Whether you choose to sell your house:

  1. With a real estate agent
  2. FSBO 
  3. Or to a cash home buying business like WeBuyHousesInDenver.ORG.
We pledge to give you up-to-date honest information on the Indianapolis housing market. Our personal insight and opinion is the same information we use to make investment decisions. These facts are based on 20+ years of experience and hundreds or real estate transactions in Indiana

Thank you for considering us as the company to buy your house. I look forward to  with talking to you.

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