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Industry Leaders that Partnered on Expert Advice With Us:

Accomplished Group Of Professionals

The Team at We Buy Houses In Indianapolis (also known as The Home Buying Company) is an accomplished group of professionals dedicated to making selling a house quick and easy in Indiana. 

Our team ensures ALL CONTENT ON THIS WEBSITE IS FACTUAL.  Our members also verify our processes are fair, accurate, and comprehensive. We draw on highly-skilled experts’ diverse knowledge and experience, including real estate agents, land development professionals, and finance and construction experts.

Our backgrounds, stories, and education are diverse. Members have engineering degrees, construction degrees, and degrees in health sciences, technology, and computer sciences too. 

Insight is garnished from careers in:

  • Civil engineering sector billion dollar transportation systems.
  • Aircraft industry designing and building engines
  • Computer and technology sectors are helping large financial institutions across the globe.
  • The medical industry helps people with disabilities and competes with billion-dollar companies nationwide to provide services for Medicare, Medicaid, and others in need. 
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More Industry Leaders that Trust Our Knowledge And Experience:

We strive to provide the best solution for people selling. However, it’s not all about the bottom dollar. We do need to make a profit. We need to make money to support our respective communities and charities.  But our making money is never at the expense of another person.


We believe in a mindset of abundance. This means there is more than enough for everybody. We try our best to create solutions that prove this. Three words that help guide our decision-making are empathy, innovation, and respect. 


Patrick and Shaun have been investing in real estate for over 35 years combined.

Patrick got his start in Dallas, TX buying his first fixer-upper home from a distressed homeowner. As a third-generation real estate investor, he knew it was in his blood to continue on this entrepreneurial adventure. After spending 10 years as a Construction Manager for a Fortune 100 company, he continued with the home buying passion when he and his family moved back home to Indiana. Since then they’re purchased over 200 houses and helped many distressed homeowners get out of sticky situations.

Shaun got his start in 2007 buying his first investment property with his brother. It was a rollercoaster and a huge learning experience. Since then, Shaun and his wife have purchased distressed properties all over the United States. He calls Colorado home and still loves buying real estate in Indiana, helping homeowners liquidate their unwanted properties.

Our Team Of Experts

Each team member was picked for their balanced perspective and informed understanding of real estate. 

Neil Goradia

Neil Goradia

After graduating with a bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Purdue University, Neil went to work for Rolls Royce designing and building aircraft engines. During this time, he dabbled in real estate. 

Since then, Neil has become a realtor and investor and owns a highly successful land development company, Apollo Developers.

Neil is a serial entrepreneur and has been successful in every business he has started. The entire team at We Buy Houses In Indianapolis value his contributions in all areas of our business as a consultant including cost analysis, verification of deal authenticity, and ethics. 

Patrick Grayson

Patrick Grayson

PATRICK GRAYSON: Patrick is the baby on the team, but you wouldn’t know it for his extensive experience in real estate.  Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Purdue University. 

After graduation, he worked as a project manager helping build billion-dollar infrastructure in cities. This included the light rail system in Indianapolis, CO. 

Since then, Patrick has started several real estate companies that continue to grow. Stolco Designs is a full-service construction company primarily helping investors make money. His attention to detail and ability to create and implement pragmatic policies is what drives clients toward him in droves. 

The entire team at We Buy Houses In Indianapolis value his contributions as a consultant particularly in process development and investment analysis.

Jennifer Spinelli

Jennifer Spinelli

Jennifer is an accomplished entrepreneur and strong woman in the business and technology sector. She graduated from CU Boulder. Since then, she has worked in a myriad of industries.

Software development, statistical analysis, process development, ITSM, and the list goes on. Jenn has always been extremely busy because of her adaptability, intelligence and hard work ethic. Jennifer demands only the best from herself and those around her. 

Her real estate experience spans two decades and several recessions. She was in San Francisco during the DOT COM boom and subsequent bust. Not long after, she moved back to Indiana . She has established herself as a buy-and-hold investor, flipper, and lender. This is all on top of her day job!

Talk about overachievers, but you would never know it. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. This is illustrated in her volunteering for Special Olympics and providing low-income housing through Section 8, Indiana Coalition for the Homeless, and Woman in Need programs.  

Jeff White

Jeff White

Jeff has been a fantastic resource for our team. Jeff is an accountant, realtor, and accomplished real estate investor. His niche is house hacking. 

As an agent Jeff specializes in finding homeowners’ house hacking opportunities. As an investor, he has performed many of these himself – with extreme financial success.

His degree in accounting is proof he can crunch numbers accurately. His years in the business proves he enjoys doing it. 

Jeff helps verify our all cash offers line up to current market conditions. His in depth analysis 

Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with a Degree in Health Science – majoring in Physical Therapy. Shaun has helped in all three branches of PT: 

  1. Cardiopulmonary.
  2. Neuromuscular.
  3. Musculoskeletal.

He then moved into medical sales for a billion-dollar company in the States. This led him to start his own medical equipment company, which he ran successfully for 7 years and then sold. It was then he focused 100% on real estate investing. 

Since then, Shaun, with his wife Jenn, has successfully carved out a niche in the Indiana housing market. His primary focus is making the sale of a house in Indiana simple, easy, and convenient no matter the scenario. 

Learn more about Shaun Martin.

Barry Martin

Barry Martin

Barry is “The Old Fella” on our team. He brings decades of life lessons, knowledge, and understanding of global, national, and highly localized finance markets and how they can affect housing markets. Because of this, he is the go-to guy when choosing a strategy for each property we look to make a deal on. 

Buy and hold, fix and flip or partner with the seller? These are just a few options to which he can apply his knowledge and understanding. 

Barry’s opinion and insight are highly respected within our team. It is hard to convey how valuable it is genuinely. 

If that wasn’t enough, how Barry conducts himself in every aspect of his life is a model that the entire team strives to emulate. He is kind, compassionate, and fair in all his actions. 

Barry graduated from the University of Auckland. He worked as a software programmer for the bulk of his career. His startup company, Cobol Contracts, LLC, did more than pay the bills. It kept large financial institutions keep operating daily. Plus, his success there created opportunities proving to go far and wide through generations. 

Learn more about Barry Martin.

Kylie Jones

Kylie Jones

KYLIE JONES: Kylie has been a fantastic addition to our team. Kylie came to us with relatively little real estate experience. However, she is extremely excited to learn.

Since coming on board, she has always worked hard. Kylie has shown to be very capable. She is professional, intelligent, and always shows up on time. 

These traits are all imperative when trying to buy houses smoothly and in a convenient manner for homeowners. Sellers have warmed to her and appreciate her attention to detail. 

Win Win Solutions

When we work together our goal is to come up with a solution that is a win-win. Everybody must feel good about that deal or it just won’t happen. 

Commonly things we have to consider include the following:

  1. Some people are in a hurry to sell.
  2. Others are more focused on decreasing the stress involved.
  3. Often we are connected with family members with an emotional attachment.


Our Company We Buy Houses In Denver Also Known As The Home Buying Company and called The Cash Buying Company

What To Expect From Us

The way we conduct business transactions is always with empathy, innovation, and respect. This is the backbone of our business. It is how we expect to be treated. There’s a famous saying, do unto others as you wish done unto you. I think that is good to live by.

If you decide to contact us, some other things you should expect include the following:

TRANSPARENCY: We have built a reputation we are proud of as a leading home buyer in Indianapolis. Our reputation is our pride and joy, so expect us to work hold to maintain our position as the number one Indiana cash buyer.

NO FAKE NEWS: No BS, just the truth. Expect us to give you all the news when you talk to us. There is no point hiding the truth. It always comes out. We will tell you if your property needs repairs to get top dollar. If you need to close tomorrow, we will be sincere when we tell you if we can close that fast. 

We buy houses fast however, we need to ensure the process is done legally. Because of this, we involve a title company to protect you and us

NO CLOSING COSTS: Seling for cash means you get to decide, and most sellers choose not to pay closing costs. Therefore we pay all the typical closing costs. Plus, we don’t nickel and dime you or charge you with hidden fees. What you see is what you get when selling to us. 

FAST SERVICE: Can I sell my house fast? Heck yeah! – we buy houses faster than anyone. So yes – selling to us means you can sell your house fast. Sell fast in Indianapolis


We draw on our own experiences in life as well as the experiences of others. This allows us to be sympathetic and empathetic. We firmly believe listening to what is happening to people can improve our operations. When it comes to operating our home-buying company, we specialize in certain areas.

For example, we specialize in Indianapolis, the front range, and Colorado. We are not a national mega company. We’re a locally-based operation. Our head office is right in the middle of Indianapolis. It is located at 6767 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

Check us out on the map!


The real estate market is very dependent on technology and innovations abound.  Google is constantly evolving, and online databases like Zillow and Redfin are there for everyone. So how does a local Indianapolis company stay ahead of the game?

Ahead of the game with old tricks for new dogs

Life throws curveballs at us, and this is true for real estate. Because we all learn from our mistakes, we are constantly introduced to new people needing to sell their houses. 

We tackle these situations head-on with tried and true buying practices and services. We combine our experience in the housing market, our love of Indianapolis Indiana, and all of the knowledge from people who have sold their homes to us.

Not only do we listen, but we live and die by reviews. These provide valuable feedback about just how good our process is. 


We respect each and every person in Indianapolis, Indiana, and all over these Great States of America!

We feel blessed to have each other. We are grateful for the trust Indianapolis and Indiana has given us. We have had the pleasure of buying homes in so many places in Indiana, including Anderson, Beech Grove, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Fishers, Fountain Square, Greenwood, Indiana, Lawrence, Noblesville, Noblesville, Zionsville and of course the Circle City, Indianapolis. 

Fixer Upper

As a real estate investing company, sometimes people refer to us as fixer upper homes. A fixer upper is just when we purchase a property as is. We go into every property with a detailed plan of the best outcome for the home. That always involves fixing it up tastefully.

Buy Renovate Rent Repeat

We look to revive the neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Not that we’re big enough to do that, but we do a small part. We buy properties, renovate them tastefully, rent them out carefully, and then repeat that.

The repeat is a reinvestment of the profits back into the communities that you live in and that we serve.

Stalwart of Indianapolis Real Estate Community

We are a stalwart of the Indianapolis real estate community. Our attention to detail and our honesty have made us a leader.

My Dad and I are 100% committed to Indianapolis and want to buy your house, no matter what the condition and situation, so if you need a transparent, honest, local, and friendly home buyer, start your journey by visiting us at where you can get a no obligation cash offer started today. 

We want to buy your house fast and have the cash to close today!


We provide earnest money when we submit offers to buy your house in Indianapolis or anywhere across Indiana. 

Typically the earnest money becomes yours once the inspection period is over. If we walk away, you still get to keep some cash. While there is an inspection period, there are no contingencies when we buy your house.

This is a subtle difference between how we buy and a real estate wholesale contract another company might put in front of you. 

That’s not a bad deal at all – Don’t you think?

We buy houses all across Indiana, and you can get cash offers on any type of real estate, including multifamily property, single-family homes, manufactured houses, and even vacant lots, in the following areas:


This list highlights some of the areas we pay cash for houses. 

But Shaun, you say, “I need to sell my house fast in Martinsville, IN.”

We have got you. As the leader of all Indiana Cash Buyers, you can sell your house fast to us in any Indiana City, town, or country. 

Look at our reviews found here.

Spend some time learning about us.

Then give us a call. 

I know you will see that we are legitimate. Plus, what is more, legitimate than a cash offer with earnest money tied to it?

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