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How Does We Buy Houses Work?

Selling To Us Is A Simple 3-Step Process:

STEP 1: Fill out our form or give us a call. 

STEP 2: We will give you a cash offer.

STEP 3: You pick a closing day, and we will take care of the rest.

We Buy Houses For Cash all over Indiana in 3 simple steps: 

You let us know you need to sell a house by filling out one of our online forms. Alternatively, give us a call at 463-500-1221

Next, you will talk with one of our friendly experts so we can learn about the Indiana property before making an offer. 

Once you accept our offer, you can relax, knowing that a local home buyer specializing in your market will buy your house on your timeline. 

Fast, Fair, and 100% Free!

Table of Contents

Legitimate contracts with fair terms and earnest money

Close on your schedule.

Earnest money to protect your interest. 

A simple contract with easy-to-understand terms. 

Are home buyers the same in Indiana as the rest of the county?

YES and NO.

YES: Like us, other cash buyers are scattered across the country. We have close relationships with other home buyers that have similar values as we do. If your property is outside Colorado, we can connect you with one of these other legitimate real estate companies. 

NO: Not all home buyers are honest or trustworthy. Some are down right ugly! When selling your house, be sure to look out for scams. Check out some ways to prevent being scammed below. 

Selling Your House With We Buy Houses In Indianapolis

Do you share my information with other companies?

Do you share my information with other companies?


Your privacy is paramount. We do not sell, share, or even mention your name outside our walls. We buy property in all sorts of situations and appreciate the sensitivity of many of them. Because of this, WE NEVER SHARE YOUR INFORMATION with anyone. 

The best solution for you - from us

We know that to buy your house, we must give you the best solution. Therefore, after we have gathered all the information we need, we will run the numbers to come up with our highest and best cash offer.

We check out recently sold homes and run comps. We compare the condition of your property with others. We even create a detailed price list of how much it will cost to renovate your house completely. 

Following this expert analysis, we take into consideration the other pain points you are facing like:

  • How fast you need to sell.


  • Any circumstances that may require additional attention by us.


This is included in the cash offer we can present to you. Considering everything you have told us about the home you need to sell, we can give you the best solution!

How Do We Come Up With Our Offers?

Our offers are based on how much it would cost to fix everything up to get top dollar, what the home is worth once the rehab is completed, and the current housing market conditions. 

Would you like to know more? Check out below. 

Transparency is key

As a local company, we value your trust. We feel the first step in earning your trust is complete transparency. Because of this, you can find all the nitty-gritty details of how we come up with our highest and best cash offers. 

Behind the scenes details of how we come up with our highest and best

Deciding how much we can pay for your house is a calculation. The calculation takes into account several factors. These factors are:

  1. The After Repair Value (ARV)
    • The ARV is what your house is worth once it is all fixed up. This includes upgrading and renovating absolutely everything in and outside the home. Even the kitchen sink!
  2. Rehab Cost:
    • We put together a detailed Scope of Work (SOW). The SOW includes everything that we need to fix. Some examples are windows, the roof, doors, and kitchen cabinets. 
    • We combine this list with the building materials needed to finish the remodel. We even work out how many screws and nails we need. 
  3. Holding Costs:
    • Fixing up a house takes time. During this time there are other things we have to pay for. Other things that we have to pay for are:
      • Insurance
      • Property Taxes
      • Utilities
    • Because we have tons of experience, we know how long the renovations will take and can accurately work out these expenses. 
  4. Selling Costs:
    • We are not realtors, and because of this, we have to pay commissions when we sell the house. Typically, realtors charge us 6% of the selling price in Indianapolis and Indiana. 3% goes to the seller’s agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. 
  5. Our Minimum Profit:
    • We must make money to support our businesses, employees, families, and community. It’s not personal. Just like you need to get paid cash – we need to get paid too!
    • The amount of profit is based on the rehab cost and the house’s value. An extensive rehab takes longer than a small one. Because it takes longer, it is riskier, and we have to price this in. 

Once we have calculated all of these things, we can give you our best offer. 

Incredible talent to verify all cash offers

We Buy Houses In Indianapolis is a company that works with many organizations and talented real estate professionals. We combine outside consultants that we simply can’t afford to employ full-time with our team of incredible talent to make sure our all cash offers are up to scratch. 

Of course, your “vote” matters the most. If our cash offer meets the grade, you will accept it. If not, you won’t. We know we are doing something right every time a bid is accepted!

How Much Will I Get For My House?

Knowing how much you will get for your house is important. We can get you a cash offer very quickly but we need to know about the condition of your house first. 

That said, below is the calculation we use to determine our highest and best cash offer. 

ARV – Rehab Cost – Holding Costs – Our Profit = Highest Cash Offer

Because there are some “unknown” factors (like the current condition of your house) we need to talk to you before we can run all the numbers.

However, if you are ready to talk, we can get you a same-day cash offer!

Do you want to talk to us about selling your house fast for cash?  

Start the process by following this link to sell your house fast in Indianapolis, on the Front Range, or in Indiana!

There is no obligation, and it is free. We look forward to hearing from you shortly. 

Selling Situations: "Here is my issue, can you still buy my house?"

With over 20 years of experience and 1000 or more homes bought and sold, we have seen every situation you can imagine. 

Because of this, we can guarantee that we can buy your house no matter what is going on. Some examples of properties we have closed on over the years include:

  1. Houses in Probate.
  2. Inherited Homes.
  3. Behind on Payments.
  4. Sell to Stop Foreclosure. 
  5. Out of State Owners.
  6. New Job requiring quick sale.
  7. Divorce.
  8. Home with Structural Issues.
  9. We Buy Houses AS-IS.
  10. Investments, rentals, or Multifamily Properties.
  11. Tenant Issues
  12. We Deal With Liens. 

We Buy Houses In Indianapolis can buy your home no matter the situation. We look forward to discussing the house you want to sell when ready. 

How Does It Work After I Accept Your Offer?

Many “REAL ESTATE EXPERTS” forget that most people don’t buy and sell houses every day. Not like us!

We understand that any new process needs explaining. Because of this, let’s go over how it works once the offer is signed in more detail. 

After you accept our offer, you can sit back and relax. This is because we take care of everything!

No need to clean, list, fix stuff or deal with the title company.

If there are outstanding mortgages, liens, or fines, we make sure they are cleared up before the sale is completed. 

Title company is told about the sale

When you sign the cash offer, we hand it to a Title Company. Of curse, this won’t happen until you agree to sell to us. 

We Buy Houses In Indianapolis works hand in hand with the Title Company, ensuring everything is done correctly. 

Regarding the final sale, the Title Company ensures you get paid. They do this by taking the cash from us and then passing it on to you. This happens at the same time as they take the title of the property from you and give it to us.

Involving a Title Company protects you from being scammed. It protects us from being scammed too!

What To Look Out For To Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there. Because of this, it is essential to know how to identify actual companies with a serious intent to buy your house versus scammers and tire kickers. 

Let’s look at some essential elements you can quickly verify. 

How can I avoid being scammed?

Online Reviews:

Google is a great source to hear what other people have to say. And these days, Google is cracking down hard on fake reviews. Because of this, if a business has reviews published on Google, this is a good indication they are not a scam.

But that’s not all you should look for. 

Does the company have reviews?

Professional Website: 

Is there a website that isn’t just thrown together? These days it is straightforward to throw up a fake website. To avoid scams, make sure you explore the website. Is there a natural substance? Does the story ring true?

Look for real pictures versus stock photos. Can you find the name of the owners? 

If you can find the first and last names of the company owners, you can then search for them on google. You can find the owners on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media outlets if they are genuine. 

Offer and Contract Terms:

Too many sellers sign contracts without reading the fine print. A key element to look for is earnest money. Earnest money is designed to prevent the buyer from leaving the deal. 

Make sure the earnest money is an amount you would be happy with if the buyer walked away; therefore, don’t agree to $50 or $100. 

Buyers that present contracts with such measly amounts often aren’t severe. Don’t waste your time. Move on to the next. 

What happens if you walk away and don't buy my house?

If for some reason the sale does not happen you get to keep the earnest money. However, I cannot remember the last time that we did not close the sale. 

Because we are fastidious in our calculations and specialize in the Indiana housing markets we always close the deal. 

1000's of Indiana Properties Bought

We Buy Houses in Indianapolis has purchased more than 1000 houses over 20 years of business. And we are not stopping there!

There is plenty of opportunity for us to keep doing what we do. Buying houses fast, fixing them up, and selling them on. The products and services we provide will always have a need. 

During the great recession we were able to help many home owners out of a financial jam. In more recent times, with house prices skyrocketing, and then interest rates following, We Buy Houses In Indianapolis was still in the market.

No one knows what the future holds but our proven record illustrates our commitment to Indianapolis, the Front Range, and Indiana. 

Many happy customers and win-win experiences

We have had the opportunity to work with many people over the years. It has been an honor and a privilege.

Please take a moment to read all the reviews and testimonials on the services and products we provide. 

Do You Have Specific Questions?

You can contact us in several ways if you have a specific question about our process and how it works. You can email or call us directly or fill out one of our forms. 

Phone: 463-500-1221